Organic Hair Coloring

Beauty Fusion by Artego 
save your hair and the planet

98% biodegradable and contains 99% organic natural ingredients

Hair care line that combines innovative beauty solutions with a commitment to environmental sustainability. This brand emphasizes the fusion of advanced hair care technologies and eco-friendly practices. The products are designed not only to enhance hair health and beauty but also to minimize their ecological footprint. Beauty Fusion by Artego strives to deliver high-performance hair care while promoting a more sustainable and planet-friendly approach to beauty. With a focus on both personal and environmental well-being, this brand aims to provide consumers with effective hair care solutions that contribute to a healthier planet.

Artega Beauty Fusion

100% grey coverage permanent 
hair coloring

Biodegradable packaging

Organic olive oil base for smoothing and restructuring the hair

Properties: Adds essential nutrients vitamins and is rich in chlorophyll its’s deep nourishing action penetrates the hair and soothes the scalp

99% toxic free ingredients

No PPD Resorcinol DEA Cocamide or alcohol

Organic plant properties are beneficial for conditioning and restructuring

Benefits: Conditions adds shine smoothing hydrating root strengthening scalp calming

Anti-aging properties

Benefits: Hydrating strengthens and protects the hair and scalp from harmful UV rays pollution free radicals salt water chlorine and thermal hot tools…

Organic Phyto-Technology

Phyto nutrients (plants) are used as an alternative to chemicals and petroleum products found in many professional hair coloring lines

*  BF is compromised of 98% biodegradable ingredients coloring your hair is now safe for the environment and your hair